Everyone wants spend the rest of their lives with the one they love. This is why the most common question an astrologer is asked is that “would I be able to marry my loved one or not?” Moreover, it is not that love marriages are new to our society. Many people are resorting to love marriages over the conventional arranged marriages as they provide the chance for two people to know more about their partner and to understand each other in a better way. But it is not possible for the two partners to decide with any confidence whether their marriage will be successful or not.

Many people today are realizing the importance of love marriages in our culture and are opting for them over arranged marriages and everyone seeks to marry the person they are in love with. It is very important for two people who wish to get married to get proper astrological guidance. This is because, it is actually the planets in one’s birth chart that determine the chances of matrimony between two people. According to Vedic astrology, planets can have a positive or even negative influence on the relationship between two people. The fifth house in the horoscope stands for love and romance, the seventh house belongs to the spouse, and a positive interaction between these two houses can lead to love marriage, and the presence of harmful planets such as Saturn, Rahu, etc can lead to the opposite.

This is where astrology comes into play as a combination of benefic planets is the main factor that decides whether a love marriage is possible for two people and the chances of success of such a marriage. According to astrology, the planets Mars and Venus guide the chances of love marriage and their presence in the right houses in the birth chart paves the way for a marital union and by using special prayers one can also increase the chances of a successful marriage.

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