Astrology has been used to solve problems related to love. It can also tell the chances of love marriage between two people, and possibilities of their marriage. Such methods are found in all forms of astrology from Western astrology to the Vedic astrology. While western astrology solutions are based on zodiac and planetary signs at the time of birth, especially the sun sign , which is responsible for the personality traits of a person.

Vedic astrology uses analysis of birth charts and sidereal zodiac which reveal the future scope of any given relationship and the possibility of love marriage can be determined by analysis of the relationship of the 1st house (Lagna i.e. Sun) and 7th house (Yuvati, ruled by Venus) in the birth chart of a person plus the influence of the 5th house on the 7th house. This also tells the chances of a successful marriage and what types of ups and downs can be faced in the course of the marriage.

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